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5 SEO Tricks To Keep Your Website Running Promptly

Even The Best SEO Company Dubai Can’t Overlook The Below Tips & Tricks.

  • Remove What Makes Your Website Slow

To ensure that your website gets the topmost ranking, remove everything that makes your website slow. If you have slow-loading images, remove them and use compact & quickly loading images. If your website design is amazing but is taking a lot of time for loading, change it to light and simple one. Eliminate all the contents that you don’t need at your website. Declutter the sidebar and make it look neat & precise. You can also check the speed of loading of your website by taking a look at the speed index. If your website doesn’t load in 0.5s, your website probably is at a low rank. No visitor waits for the website to load more than 3s. Therefore, if your website is slow, you are losing visitors ultimately.

  • Do The Linking Right

Don’t just link to numerous websites that too at the irrelevant content. For example, you can’t link a food delivery website to online gadget selling content. You have to be relevant when it comes to linking. Also, you can’t link too much. Having a lot of links in your blog/article or on the website to other websites could be the reason for getting spammed by Google. That’s why it is suggested to link a few websites and only on the relevant content. It’s preferable to link on facts and statements that another website has shown or provided on the internet. For example, if you have a software website, you can link another software company on a statement that they have given recently on media or in their blog post.

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  • Serve The Quality Content

It is important to focus on the quality of content that you are serving to your customers. For example, if you provide AdWords Management Dubai, you need to provide information about AdWords and how do you do it instead of including content about other services on the AdWords page. The fact is simple, Google wants to serve its users the right content. Hence, you have to provide precise information without discussing anything else that is not related to that topic.

  • Keep The Analytics Updated

If your website it new, stay connected with the analytics. You can’t overlook the analytics of your website as it tells where your website is going and how well does it require to perform more. You can also keep updated the user activities and leads on your website with the help of analytics. No matter which type of organisation you run, review and study your website analytics to reach the highest at the SERP. You can also use tools like Crazy Egg that helps you to find out where your user clicked or visited the most and what made them navigated from your website.

  • Use Meaningful & Readable URLs

Many people focus on everything else except for the URL. People need to understand that URL isn’t just an address, it’s the meaning of your website. If your URLs are meaningful and justifying what you are offering to the customers, the crawler will easily detect your URL and visit it.