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How SEO Company Can Help You To Google Leverage Organic Traffic

Do you want to increase your organic traffic on Google, but don’t know how to do it the right way? Well, images are the right way to do it. To help you understand this, we have listed nine – most effective – ways to use images SEO to leverage maximum traffic at your website.


So Before You Hire an SEO Dubai, Read Out These Tips Loud.

  1. Begin with Image Keyword

Around 21% of the Google search is accounted for by images. To get the most out of image SEO, research a specific keyword. Begin with a seed keyword, narrow it down with the help of topical categories, and then choose the highest search volume keyword.

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  1. Get Better CTR & EAT by Creating Standout Images

EAT – Expertise Authority Trust – rating is essential for today’s SEO. Use high-quality images such as diagrams, photographs, and illustrations that enhance your EAT and help you to get clicks from image SERPs.

For creating images that drive superior CTR – Click Through Rate, all you have to do is:

  • Check the results of the image for target keywords
  • Write down what you found there
  • Do the opposite
  1. Pick the Right File Type

Not every file type is supported on all platforms. So ensure that your file is of the right extension. Having the accurate file extension means your file will be uploaded quickly ad will be visible as long as it is online. There are three basic types of file extensions:

PNG – Portable Network Graphics. Perfect for website and app screenshot with gradients. 

GIF  – Graphics Interchange Format. Suitable for text, solid colours, and line art. These are also suitable for short animations as well.

JPG – Joint Photographic Expert Group. Perfect for photographs of places, people, and things.

So pick the right extension for a specific type of the file so that you don’t have to trouble optimizing or loading it online.

  1. Reduce The Size Of File

Heavy files are difficult to optimize and load. Therefore, try to trim the size of your files. But, one should not contaminate the quality of the image while trimming the size of a file. You can use several tools such as

  • JPEG Optimizer
  • Trimage
  • Compressnow
  • ImageOptim
  • io

The small size means quick loading which means higher ranking.

So don’t go for the files of big size. Keep it small and ensure it remains as valuable as it was big.

  1. Don’t Overlook The Power of Alt Text, Caption, & Title

Include the alt text to your image. It’s nothing but a description of what your image is all about, what it contains, what’s its purpose, etc. You have to be specific in your alt text. Don’t add conjunctions like a, an, if, but, etc. Make sure that you don’t exceed the range of 125 characters. If you are an e-commerce owner, include your product number in the alt description.

In the Title of the image, add catchy text that harmonizes your alt text. Your caption must include details such as day, time, location, year, or a specific event.

Now that you have explored the tips, get in touch with the best SEO Dubai professionals right now!