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SEO Migration Services Dubai

SEO Migration Services in Dubai

Did you know a web launching without SEO Migration can drop your 40% of the organic traffic? Our SEO Migration Services in Dubai will uplift 15% of the organic traffic quickly. We focus on the URLs that need swift redirect & update and many other aspects. 

Our motive is to make your website functioning right from the moment you launch it to other domain or URL structure. It may seem a simple task, but you need to move the content, update the tags, correct the sitemap, update internal/external links, etc. We do it all! 


We ensure your new website has Google Analytics, history data, and the old traffic is tracked correctly. 

Tag Updating

We will update meta descriptions, titles, headers, schemas, etc. for you. Plus, we will map keywords to your web page to optimize the tags.  

Project Roadmap 

A comprehensive SEO migration plan produces a visionary roadmap for you & your team.

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Team Size

Retire Old Content

Your website might contain the content that no longer meets the current search queries or what we call ‘featured snippets.’ We will replace that with the new one that is of more high-quality and updated. This process derives traffic to your website and helps your web pages to reach the right audience. That’s why we are called the best SEO Migration Services in Dubai

Duplicate Content Resolving

Our SEO professionals will resolve the duplication issue that might occur during migration. They will ensure that:

  1. Proper self-canonicalization is placed to prevent duplication issues

  2. Redirection of IP address to URLs

  3. Ensure that all URLs of the website are on HTTPS instead of HTTP for security purposes

  4. Ensure that the search function of the website is noindexed or blocked through the robots.txt to avoid index bloating & duplication in SERP.

After checking all of the above, we continue ahead. 


    Our website migration service ensures that there are no bugs and even if they appear, we will resolve them quickly.


    We finish your website migration on the decided day. On-time delivery will help the business skeleton to make informed decisions.


    Our SEO website migration services will keep your website to cope with the trend. Be it design or SEO strategies, we keep it updated.


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