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Which Things Are Essential to Design E-Commerce Website?

Content, customer service, and marketing efforts are essential for e-commerce website conversion rates. Even more so is website design which specifically creates the right visual effect. Building a topnotch Web Design Dubai can bring great long-term dividends for your business.

Do you want your website to become a strong sales machine? Do you want to generate leads and quickly convert them into customers?

In this article, we are going to share 9 essential tips on e-commerce website architecture from the experienced SEO Agency in Dubai that will help you increase your sales.

  • Proper Product Showcase And Descriptions

The purpose of your e-commerce site is to sell products; therefore, it is only right that you should highlight your products on your website. When showcasing items, make sure that you’re using high-quality images that will get the user’s attention. The larger the images, the better. By showing quality pictures, your customers can see how well the product looks in real.

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  • Match Your Design With Your Products

Consistency is key to making your eCommerce website work. Keeping your design coherent with what you’re selling completes the overall feel and look of your site. When PHP Development Dubai designing your website, make sure that everything from images, color schemes, to text, perfectly defines your website. For example, If your website is selling toys for children, your design should look fun and colorful. And if your website is selling gadgets, the theme of your design should look techy and modern.

For example, this e-commerce website that buys and sells Star Wars toys uses a design that matches their merchandise perfectly.

  • Shopping Cart Design

Too many designers don’t pay attention to shopping carts, but it actually is one of the most incredibly important parts of your website. A good shopping cart can enable users to add multiple items, revise an order, or remove products as easily as possible. When designing a shopping cart, make sure that you include functional product images, reviews, and a convenient search bar.

Here’s an example of a good shopping cart design. This shopping cart from Sephora features a simple but very intuitive design. It includes all the necessary features like the order summary, product recommendations, and a “continue shopping” option for those who want to add/replace items.

  • Easy Checkout Process

What’s the ideal checkout page? Aside from allowing transactions to be quick and anonymous, as mentioned above with the use of the guest checkout option, an eCommerce site should also make it as easy as possible for consumers to check out their items. The easier this process, the more motivation your customers will have to repeat purchase. So don’t make too many pages for checkout. Try as much as possible to make it a single-page process while not being too overwhelming for consumers. If you know the basics of how to make a website, designing the checkout page isn’t so hard.

  • Social Proof

Without evidence that someone purchased successfully or liked your site, no one will ever put their confidence in you. If you’re struggling for good reviews, make it so that your customers are able to review you easily. You can do this by bringing this option on the product page or right after they have successfully completed an order.

  • Payment Options

I’ve seen lots of eCommerce sites that don’t allow users to pay with Paypal or with other kinds of payment aside from Visa or Master card. When designing an eCommerce site, make sure that you provide lots of payment solutions so you can cater to a wide range of shoppers. By considering your consumer’s payment preference, you can increase their motivation to shop thereby boosting your sales in the long run.